May 19, 2024  
2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Forensic Chemistry, A.S.

Location(s): Kansas City Kansas Community College



DIVISION: Math, Science, Business and Technology


The program of Forensic Chemistry supports the mission of the college and of the Division of Math, Science and Business Technology by providing transfer education, career education, and general education opportunities. The faculty is committed to providing a learning environment in which students are exposed to a variety of teaching methods and active learning experiences.

The goal for this program is the continuation of degree in forensic, chemistry, dentistry, pre-law, pre-med, environmental science, etc.

Requirements for Admission to the Program

  • No requirements for admission to the program.
  • Contact program coordinator for program-specific advising.

General Requirements

Total Hours for General Education Requirements Credit Hours: 37

**Math sequence is contingent upon previous high school mathematics background and transfer institution. Students should confer with an advisor to determine correct placement.

Total Hours for Program Requirements Credit Hours: 27-28

Total Hours for an Associate in Science in Forensic Chemistry Degree Credit Hours: 64-65